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Portable generator recommendations needed

I am looking for a field-portable generator suitable for running a couple of studio flashes (without preview lights). Total current draw would be quite low. Main requirements are: Quiet Reliable Lightweight Simple in operation Any suggestions on what to buy … Continue reading

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Compact camera considerations again…

This topic seems to come up regularly. With my 4/3 body now in deep infrared configuration, I have no small cameras on hand. My smallest body is Sony A7R, and it’s hefty once 55mm lens is attached. It also lacks … Continue reading

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Friends between Gainsville and Atlanta?

I am looking at doing part of that drive tonight. I don’t feel up to the 5 hours all at once, so would like to check if anyone half-way between the two points would like an overnight guest.

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Replacing Samsung Galaxy S4

Looking for suggestions on a replacement Android phone — mainly interested in good battery life, similar size to S4. Other considerations are secondary.

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“No guns” postings on restaurant doors

I would estimate that half of Nashville restaurants have no carry signs. I am curious how they can afford to turn away a substantial portion of potential customers, both those who carry and those in the same group with them? … Continue reading

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Three eyes instead of two.

I am trying to visualize a flying species with three eyes instead of two. My guess is that it would improve altitude perception as well as depth. Does anyone know of research of theoretical functionality of three eyes?

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Tear gas won’t make her cry.

Are gas masks sufficient protection against CS, or would other mucous membranes have to be protected as well?

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Manual focusing with Canon 5DS R camera?

I am looking at getting a 135/2 lens for use with the Canon, but it has a finder screen optimized for lenses no faster than 2.8. With the older 5Dmk2, I could get a higher contrast focusing screen for use … Continue reading

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Who in Nashville could lend me a Makarov (PM)?

I have a Polish P64 for a review, and would like to compare it to a Makarov…but I let mine go back in 2000. Could anyone lend me a Mak for photos or just join me for a range trip? … Continue reading

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Ethan Allen or similar Pepperbox revolvers

Does anyone know the typical powder charges and velocity for .28, .32 or .36 caliber versions?

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Has anyone been able to reach Moore Advanced Dynamics lately?

I’ve been trying to get  ahold of Mark or Gary from M.A.D., but nobody picks up either land line or cell phone, or responds to email. Their contact form errors out. If anyone is in touch with them, please ask … Continue reading

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Where to post NSFW entries?

I’d like a show of hands: Who would prefer NSFW images and texts here, mixed with politics, firearms and other topics? Who would prefer I start a separate blog where things you can’t unsee would show up?

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Please recommend gallery software

Currently, I am using “Gallery 2”, old unsupported software. I’d like to migrate to something newer, ideally while retaining the old gallery to keep all the links from my blog correct. Any recommendations?

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Есть ли жители того города среди моих читателей? У меня исторический вопрос.

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Seminar on photographic lighting

I am considering offering seminars on photographic technique. The two topics most often requested are people and product, specifically firearms. Could I see a show of hands — who would be interested in one-day seminars, conducted on weekends? Product photography, … Continue reading

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Research assistant needed

A very close friend, a college professor, is looking for assistance with a research project. He’s looking for a student (high school or college) studying international affairs, or US history/government, or Eastern European or Russian history, or archival/librarian study, etc. and … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Picasso, 1978 film

I’d like to watch that film, but can’t find it anywhere. Any leads would be appreciated.

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US Postal service must be really slow…

I was told “the check is in the mail” a couple of months ago, and it hasn’t arrived from Central Florida yet.  Two weeks ago, the same folks told me that they will actually have funds to pay at the … Continue reading

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Need introductions to political publications

My upcoming article and two illustrations took more than three hours of otherwise billable time. Yet, while I’ve been publishing numerous technical reviews, I’ve not found a site or a print publication suitable for my RKBA articles. Any suggestions or … Continue reading

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Open Office loses a file?

I wrote a review article about six months ago. I had it open this week for updating. Apparently, Open Office Writer crashed and the article somehow disappeared. “Recent Documents” list doesn’t contain it. I looked for it on my two … Continue reading

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