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Ammunition expenditures

My last range trip lasted three and a half hours. We brought three guns only and hand three people alternating on a single firing point. No rapid fire, one zeroing. Ended up shooting about a hundred rounds each of .308, … Continue reading

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Mixing it up at the range

Took the 308 Vepr to the range for the first time. Since I didn’t have the lowest rings available, the gun could have used a cheek rest. Even so, the nice 2.5-10x scope worked really well at 50 yards. Rain … Continue reading

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Rimfire fun

Keri tries out a GSG522.

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Movie review: The Flowers of War Storyline: 5/5 Acting: 5/5 — main and secondary characters all convincing SFX: 4/5 — impressive but a bit unrealistic at times Music: not a notable factor The film gets a lot of story-telling in a two and a quarter … Continue reading

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Another impressive kid.

My friends excel at raising smart, personable children.

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New on CTD: Shorter!

Short shotgun gets even shorter.

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Combination guns

How practical are over and under rifle/shotgun combinations for hunting in the US? I am looking at the older 410/22 and newer 308/12ga or 223/20ga combos. Do game laws ever conflict with the ability to have shot and bullets available … Continue reading

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YHM Black Diamond again

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Backyard plinking with Scott

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New on CTD: Belt and Suspenders

Belt and Suspenders: five sighting options for a modern rifle.

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Riots vs. pogroms

I hear quite a few worried comments about the possibility of civil unrest in the US. Looking at the precedents, I see three directions it could take: riots, pogroms and freelance criminal activity. The latter, individually perpetrated crime, is what … Continue reading

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New toy: GSG522

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Trijicon Reflex 1×42

I finally found a good sight for the KSG: fiber optic Reflex. It holds the recoil of slugs fine, has a wide field of view and a bright reticle. Fiber optic/tritium illumimation means I do not have to remember to … Continue reading

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Home and on the range

Plinking with a .22 for the first time in her life. After-range clean-up.

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XD9 compact with Viridian C5L

Viridian | Springfield

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YHM rifle from the previous post

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Rifleman Chris

Chris runs Archangel Industries. He’s relaxing with a YHM suppressed .223 rifle in hand. A Nightforce 2.5-10x scope tops it, and folding iron sights provide backup. A tiny CTC laser hides under the forend. Today was another awesome day. Range … Continue reading

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A young lady becomes a rifleman

Combine a child-sized bolt action rifle, a box of low-power quiet .22 ammunition, eye and ear protection, high-visibility targets, three patient instructors and a precocious girl aged four and a half. She drilled with her mother earlier in the week … Continue reading

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If .22s are fun, would 22 of them represent fun squared?

GSG522 arrived recently. Having shot them before, I am planning to be amused.

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Heard from a father of a 7-month old girl…

“I am buying parts for a pink AR for her now, but I don’t think she’s ready to learn how to shoot until she’s twelve…(pause)……months. In reality, the poor kid would have to wait until the age of five or … Continue reading

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