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Who lives where?

Do any of my readers live in South Carolina? I may be traveling in that direction in early March. How about central Pennsylvania, late February?

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In Orlando

(Photo by Robb Allen)

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Orlando Dec.7-8

I will be in Florida next weekend. If you are nearby and want to connect, drop me an email.

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More plan changes for the Austin trip

The get-together will be on Wednesday 20th at 8pm at Iron Cactus (I am guessing the North location, will double-check). Flying into Austin on Tuesday, leaving on Friday.

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Austin, TX new travel dates.

I will be there November 16-17. The joint dinner/get-together is planned for 8pm on the 16th, place to be decided.

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Austin, TX

New travel dates: November 16-17

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Austin, TX and Orlando, FL roll call

I will be going to Austin and Orlando later this year. If you are in or near those cities and would like to connect during my visit, please let me know.

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Taking the fun out of flying?

The airports have largely rebounded from the low point of 2001-2005. TSA creatures are less deliberately odious, and the quality of the cabin service is slowly creeping up again. That said, look at any 1960s or early 70s movie that … Continue reading

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Coming to Dusseldorf, Germany

I will be visiting Dusseldorf again in mid-September. If you live there and would like to connect during my trip, please let me know. I’d like to see more of the city that the brief look I had around last … Continue reading

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One of my favorite people

My cousin Zhenya, last year in Budapest. Four shades of orange.

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The lens sees what the eye doesn’t

I made a panoramic collage of the countryside near Biel in Switzerland. Only upon review at home did I notice an interesting detail. (Click on the preview to load the full panorama. The area of interest is marked on it.) … Continue reading

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Friends in Switzerland

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Looking for connections in Switzerland

Please email me if you live in Switzerland of have good friends there. I may be traveling in that direction later this year and would like to meet the locals. My interest is mostly in the culture and the people.

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More snapshots from Prague

Typical Czech river sailors? Nice legs. A boy and a girl A doggie date A small pride of cats A spaniel? (Update) Apparently a dachshund.

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Hanging Professor

A humorous sculpture in Prague. Many other photos of the same.

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Today at Rockcastle Bullpup Shoot

Just returned from a weekend at the awesome Rockcastle Shooting Center. The Bullpup Shoot was a great success, with interesting people, gorgeous vistas and well-organized ballistic activities. Detailed report coming this week, but for now my reaction: I’ve not had … Continue reading

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When in Prague, I was surprised that all but one of the fairly numerous beggars I saw were apparently able-bodied young men. These two were typical examples. I don’t know why they were out begging when others were not visible? … Continue reading

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Pigeons are everywhere in Prague.

So are the spikes designed to keep them off ledges and heads of sculptures. His hair is standing up on end at the very thought of having a flying rat land on the head.

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Same brand, not the same image

If you click to zoom in on the images, you can see comparative prices (19.5 Czech Crown = 1 USD), though local salaries are a bit lower than the US also.

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Street light styles

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