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In Orlando

(Photo by Robb Allen)

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Orlando Dec.7-8

I will be in Florida next weekend. If you are nearby and want to connect, drop me an email.

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Austin, TX new travel dates.

I will be there November 16-17. The joint dinner/get-together is planned for 8pm on the 16th, place to be decided.

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Would the mystery gift-giver please drop me a line.

I just got a copy of The Black Riders by parcel from somewhere in Europe. Who sent it?

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Taking the fun out of flying?

The airports have largely rebounded from the low point of 2001-2005. TSA creatures are less deliberately odious, and the quality of the cabin service is slowly creeping up again. That said, look at any 1960s or early 70s movie that … Continue reading

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Playing hard to get

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Coming to Dusseldorf, Germany

I will be visiting Dusseldorf again in mid-September. If you live there and would like to connect during my trip, please let me know. I’d like to see more of the city that the brief look I had around last … Continue reading

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Yesterday at the range.

(Photo by Matt Vollman) SU16 locked on an empty magazine. Trijicon Reflex strikes me as a good sight for a short-range defensive rifle — it’s always on and has a fairly wide field of view. Laser provides a backup solution. … Continue reading

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Luxury vs. sufficiency

Most full size and compact modern firearms are sufficient for self-defense. I’ve carried a wide variety and, while I have my favorites, wouldn’t feel too poorly armed even with my least favorite weapon. However, the line is much closer when … Continue reading

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Two is one, one is none. Photo retouching help needed.

I work with two retouchers. Just so happens that both are on vacation at the same time, and I could use the help. If you are interested in working with me, please let me know.

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Traveling light…almost.

(Photo by Tatyana Volk) Since the weight and the bulk of the camera and lenses were a problem during my trip to the Eastern Europe the previous year, I tried to pack light for the Swiss trip. In the end, … Continue reading

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Recent fun and games.

Both days featured sunshine, rain, snow and hail mixed up randomly. Alain Baeriswyl is an exceptionally good coach. Both the shooting course and the Minuteman training were informative, challenging, fun and lend themselves to further practice of the skills taught. … Continue reading

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Minneapolis Art Institute

Was there today with friends. Friends had cameras, so good photos exist.

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My hunting rifle and Katyn forest.

I own many rifles, but I only hunt with one of them. Feinstein’s latest effort to disarm Americans would ban it. It would ban that entire shape of rifle (bullpup) as well as that entire category (semi-auto with a box … Continue reading

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Guess where I went.

Nominally a part of the US but an upper-tier third-world location in reality. (Photo by Tatyana Volk)

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Sporadic Internet access

I am currently in a Third World location with infrequent Internet access and much work to do when I have it. So updates and new photos will be up later, probably upon my return. The weather here is wonderful, the … Continue reading

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Bringing Down the Bacon

Buck, Dwayne and Weston (not pictured), along with their dogs arranged the meeting. They guide hunts in Florida and Tennessee and may be reached at 321-960-4287. I ended up running about 500 yards after the dogs to catch up with … Continue reading

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Smiling wide.

With Chris Cheng’s custom Volquartsen 10-22. (Photo by David Dyer-Bennet, edited by me.)

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Today at Rockcastle Bullpup Shoot

Just returned from a weekend at the awesome Rockcastle Shooting Center. The Bullpup Shoot was a great success, with interesting people, gorgeous vistas and well-organized ballistic activities. Detailed report coming this week, but for now my reaction: I’ve not had … Continue reading

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Smiles all around

(Photo by Jon S.)

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