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Where could I buy or borrow a cloth machine gun belt?

Something like this. Need one or two for a photo shoot.

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Suppressed RDB

Keltec RDB with AAC Mini4 suppressor and 1x prismatic Vortex Spitfire scope.

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Keltec RDB wallpaper (1920×1080)

with Vortex 1-6x scope and Noveske Flaming Pig muzzle device.

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How much scope for 22wmr?

When I posted photos of CMR30 with a 4-16x Lucid scope, some people complained that is was too much glass. In my opinion, that depends on the size of the targets. If you are shooting varmints like prairie dogs at … Continue reading

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Guns on the rocks

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Keltec CMR30 carbines

With Gemtech 22wmr suprpessor (left) and PWS Triad .223 flash hider (right). Lucid red dots on both.

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Fashionable pistolera

Kahr P9 with upcoming Viridian R5 laser. Keltec PF9

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Not an Operator.

My friend isn’t Army, Marines or special operations ninja. Instead of a short-barreled MP5, a Sub2000 has to suffice. It works. Keltec weapon light on a rail forend, 50 round drum that actually functions, red dot sight, extended charging handle, … Continue reading

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Keltec RFB in teenage hands

Sarah 15, under 100 pounds and left-handed. Forward ejecting RFB works fine for her even though it tips the scales at 14.2lb fully scoped, BUISed, suppressed and loaded. The balance is far enough back for comfortable hold. I used this … Continue reading

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New on All4Shooters: Keltec RDB and M43 bullpups

Read the overview.

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Nice thing about bullpups

The fit, in ready to use mode, containers in which nobody would expect a long gun. Very handy when a conventional long gun case would attract too much attention. In this case, a KSG and 40 Brenneke slugs (15 internally) … Continue reading

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Little Red

Could you guess her age from the photo?

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Kel-tec SU16 fills the same niche as the original Colt AR15: a lightweight but capable rifle that can go anywhere and not unduly burden the person carrying it. With 18.5″ barrel, it weighs less than an M1 carbine or even … Continue reading

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A lady’s bodyguard

PLR16 with Red Lion Precision forend, Viridian X5L light/laser, Manticore Arms flash hider, Magpul Gen.2 20-rounder.

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Everything in one tidy package.

SU16E (16C with pistol grip kit) with Trijicon Reflex (“always on”), X15 drum (50 rounds on tap, usually sufficient to break contact), Insight light/laser and a sound suppressor. Three redundant sighting options (red dot, irons, laser). Magpul stock and angled … Continue reading

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My favorite stock SU16

I have two SU16E variants, both modified rather extensively. But the original concept of SU16 was the “light rifle”, simple and compact. Enter the new version of SU16A — the same long-stroke piston, 18.5″ barrel for high muzzle velocity and … Continue reading

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Guns aren’t the solution…except when they are.

Opponents of firearms for effective self-defense tell others to run away from danger, to learn martial arts, or to “give the bad guy what he wants”. Not everyone can follow that advice…in fact, almost no one can. Least of all, … Continue reading

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Redhead with a KSG

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Keltec P32 pistol in Swiss use

P210 and P220 are the official pistols in Swiss army, militia and some police use. I also saw Glock and Sphinx pistols in police holsters. But the most common “unofficial” sidearm seems to be the P32. My Swiss friends estimate … Continue reading

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RFB in mid-cycle

No muzzle rise even while the bolt is still moving forward to chamber the next round.

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