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Of all offensive legal and political concepts, permit to work has to be among the worst. It’s absence gives people the choice between begging and perishing. Hopefully, with the increased amount of work done on-line and across borders, the state’s … Continue reading

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Ways to relax

One of my friends recently wrote about her reaction to the news: “I’d take up flower-arranging to try and calm down, but I’d probably just wind up turning out lovely arrangements of dead roses and barbed wire…” I suspect that … Continue reading

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Bad laws and impositions on freedom.

I am not much of a legal expert, so my comments on the recent Supreme Court decision would be by analogy. US has had similar levels of idiocy before, in particular during WW2 and again during the 1970s. Remember “wage … Continue reading

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Number of states vs. the degree of control.

The number of countries in Europe in 1875 – 18 (if my count is correct). In 1914 – 23. In 2012 – 44. I wonder if the degree of state control over individuals has grown or declined. In the US, … Continue reading

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Governor Haslam is after our money

http://tennesseenewspress.com/2011/10/09/gov-haslam-pushes-for-internet-sales-tax Hopefully, this creature can be un-elected as soon as possible.

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How should an elected representative vote?

Should an elected representative vote how his electors want him to vote or should be vote his conscience?

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You say you want a revolution…

I am curious, have any domestic revolutions ever produced greater liberty? Not wars of secession (like out 1776 event) but actual domestic revolutions with the change of existing government. Romanian revolution of 1989 seems to be such an example. 1688 … Continue reading

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An Act of Self-Defense, the book

I just read it and recommend it to others: An Act of Self-Defense by Erne Lewis. The book describes a possible future along the lines of “Unintended Consequences” but with somewhat greater realism. The writing quality is decent, the plot … Continue reading

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Why does New Delhi support gun control?

About gun rights in India

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