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Selecting a black powder revolver

I got the black powder bug last year. Wanted top play around with cap and ball, but the loaners available to me were not quite what I wanted. For one, I didn’t want to ruin someone else’s gun by accident if … Continue reading

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Unexpected terminal ballistics

A year and a half ago, I reviewed Rossi revolving 45LC carbine (also capable of chambering 410 shotshells). I wan’t all that impressed with the accuracy, the handling or the terminal ballistics. Yesterday, one of my models brought her Circuit … Continue reading

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A mix of classic and new

Last year, I was curious what happened to KD Holsters and discovered that the brand was no longer. But some of their designs live on through Nelson Holsters. James Ervin Nelson took the most popular designs from several old brands, … Continue reading

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What’s more scary?

A smiling redhead? Or the clip-fed 9mm revolver, the favorite fodder of pulp novel writers of the 1970s, in her hand? Photo for Kangaroo Carry.  

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More than the sum of its parts

Take one Sideguard holster for a .32 S&W J frame revolver. Add a cute girl. Pure ecstasy?  

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Two new articles on AllOutdoor

Sure Strike Laser Training Ammo Keltec CMR30 Carbine

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Aim well. Placement counts.

Pietta 1858 target revolver imported by Traditions Firearms. If I am going to shoot a slow-loading weapon, I might as well hit my targets!

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Somebody’s time is running out…

1858 Army, target version. This is my first foray into black powder, so I tried to pick something with practical value.

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Two new articles up on AllOutdoor

Taurus Raging Bull 44 Magnum   Nagant Revolver in Serious Use

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No more redshirts!

The term redshirt has had several meanings. The most current one comes courtesy of Star Trek and means a stock character in fiction who dies soon after being introduced. Redshirt deaths are often used to dramatize the potential peril that the main characters face. … Continue reading

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Recoil is relative.

Dan Coonan is very fond of saying that shooting his gun is an experience. It does have more muzzle flash and recoil and muzzle rise than a typical wonder-9. Actress Morrigan Sanders, age 16, doesn’t usually shoot Coonans. But not because … Continue reading

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The very definition of “custom” holster

“Custom” means made to customer’s specifications, with feature’s just as requested. This atypical Dragon Leatherworks holster shows why people choose individually designed products. The gun it contains, by the way, launches entirely serious .452″ projectiles.

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A very serious gentleman

He’s happy to see you…and it is an M1917 revolver with a full clip of 45ACP in the cylinder. And yes, it comes with a loading/unloading tool.

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Recent presents

S&W317 “kit gun” with a 3″ barrel has long been an object of desire for me, for all kinds of subjective reasons. I could never quite justify buying one for myself. A week ago, good friends gave me theirs as … Continue reading

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Wood grips for Czechpoint/Alfa Proj revolvers

Czechpoint revolvers come with functional but basic rubber grips. Some people prefer wood, and it turned out that they are available but not yet listed on the new version of Czechpoint USA web site. Here’s a preview of what you … Continue reading

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Prvi Partizan

  From one of my current projects.

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Where 22Magnum excels.

22WMR is hardly an efficient pistol caliber, most of the time. The exception is when it’s used with CCI Gold Dots or other loads made just for short barrels. Then it becomes usable, if not ideal, for self-defense. The plus … Continue reading

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Handicapped? Yes. Unarmed? Never.

See www.romb.org.pl for more info in Polish.

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More images previously published on paper

1920x1050px wallpaper showing Magnum Research BFR in 500JRH. Dan Wesson Specialist, 45ACP.

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