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Varmint control device

Ruger 22/45 mk3 with Gemtech Alpine suppressor, Primary Arms green dot sight and Viridian C5L light/laser. This belongs to a friend. Entirely coincidentally, squirrels and other rodents around his house have a very high rate of sudden heart attacks.

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Lasers, a new post on CTD blog

Read Lasers in Combat on CTD blog.

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If the shoe fits, you dance better — another article up on CTD blog

Short, light rifles for use by women and kids.

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Small form, big power: PLR16

PLR16 is a .223 pistol designed for short and medium range hunting and self-defense. For reactive shooting, it’s typically stabilized by pushing out against the sling. For longer range, use a bipod or some improvised support. 9.2″ barrel provides muzzle … Continue reading

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Slightly more fancy

Springfield TRP (a discontinued variant?) | Viridian X5L

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Simple and functional.

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Another carry option

Bersa Thunder 9 compact, Viridian C5L

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Product photos: Tac-Loc holsters for XD pistols withViridian C5L

The same holster is shown in both photos, but scaled larger in the bottom image.

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Good learning tools

Teaching people to shoot is so much easier with the right tools. Lasers help spot trigger control issues, sound suppressors remove muzzle flash and reduce noise to help combat flinching.

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KSG feature

To me, this looks like an effective gun. Short enough for maneuvering indoors, KSG can be aimed with one hand if necessary. Fifteen rounds of 12ga with option to select slug or buckshot with a flip of a switch should … Continue reading

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Coming soon: X5L RS.

Viridian is about to release an X5L variant with a dual mode pressure switch (can either activate light/laser separately or instant/constant or other modes, depending on the main dial position).

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