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Two feet, zero inches

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Firearms Training in Nashville: highly recommended!

Tatiana Whitlock, one of the best self-defense instructors I know, is coming to Nashville mid-September! She will be offering several courses. Carry with Confidence (pistol) Basic Carbine Tatiana is an absolutely amazing instructor, both supportive and good at guiding the learners … Continue reading

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Protect hearing without overheating your head: new on AllOutdoor

GunSport Pro electronic ear plugs.

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A new domain name obtained

On reflection, I decided to separate firearms and politics from other parts of my site. I just need to remember how to set up another WordPress blog on the same server but with a different identity…

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FB is as usual.

FB claims they blocked me for 24 hours for posting something with nudity. My guess they couldn’t deal with this. That definitely confirms the need to post most of my work on a server I control and only use FB … Continue reading

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Blocking of roads by protestors

If I were betting, I’d think we will see the same happening on election day this year. While it would inconvenience all sides, we already know that logic isn’t part of the game.

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Terminology is important

Sturmgewehr 44, the historic “assault rifle”, was a general purpose military weapon, moderately good in several roles but specialized for none. The name was an attempt to make wishful thinking become reality by raising troop morale. Since the generic term “assault rifle” … Continue reading

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Training new shooters

Four years ago, I did a photo shoot with Ariel, 16 at the time. While she was quite convincing with a variety of arms, she didn’t actually know how to use them. We decided to remedy that shortcoming. She was … Continue reading

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The real reason for shooting back

In military actions prior to the Crimean War, the ratio of dead to wounded was usually around 1:1. After the 1850s, medical corps were formed and more of the wounded survived. By WW2, 1:2 ratio was common, and modern US … Continue reading

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Rocket’s red glare?

Quest for fire. Water park of Lilliput. Red Icee. Finger food. Each successful Independence Day celebration brings out more kids. Some of my friends are taking self-replication seriously.

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A dear friend needs help!

I want to introduce my friend Dawn Faust Bibby. She and her husband of John have been my close friends and staunch supporters since 2013. We met when John replied to a request for models during my work at Kel-Tec in Florida. Since then … Continue reading

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Business advisory

I have terminated my professional relationship with Rob Carson of Beck Defense.

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Mouse problem solved

Thanks to the help of Treavor Hearn and Michael Farnette, I now have a functional mouse. For some reason, the solution was using a wireless mouse with an externally powered USB hub.

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“Get weapons of war off the streets!”

The title is a typical rallying cry of anti-freedom politicians. We know they are lying. But let’s pretend, just for a moment, that they aren’t. If they really mean to restrict only weapons of war, then we are looking at one of two … Continue reading

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Roni and Mic-Roni pistol adapters: new on AllOutdoor

Extending the range of handgun the Israeli way.

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No Deus ex machina in “The Gods Defense”

My girlfriend Amie Gibbons has been writing for many years. In the past six months, she published a number of short stories and collections, paving the way for her first novel. I read that book first as a novella, then … Continue reading

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Comment moderation — many just approved

For some reason, WordPress stopped sending me notifications of moderated comments a week or more ago. I just approved about 50.

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Rallying the household

Experimenting with graphical treatments of photographs.

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A well groomed lady

Hair by Alex Pelerossi, makeup by Sarah Potts, furs by unknown mammals.

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Yellow paint

New texture library image. Linked image is 1600px wide, a much larger file is available on request.

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