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M1A Squad Scout with a nice optic.

M1A Squad Scout with Nightforce 2.5-10x scope: short and handy for close quarters at 2.5x and enough reach at 10x for 600-700m tagging. Click for a wallpaper sized image.

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Anderson AR15 checks out

Mike Branson behind the rifle. I replaced the solid forend on the Anderson Mfg. 20″ rifle with a lighter ventilated Midewest Industries part. Today, I re-zeroed the rifle with the new Primary Arms 4-14x FFP scope.  All four shooters took … Continue reading

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21st century STEN?

Prop gun courtesy G4P, Micro T1 of Aimpoint.

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Gunfire and wildflowers

Sig 522 with AAC Prodigy suppressor and a TruGlo red dot.

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One possible fighting rifle configuration

Friend’s Bulgarian AK with Aimpoint Hunter red dot on an Ultimak rail, Ace stock. The red dot looks big — as it should for the wide field of view — but it is very light and the rifle as shown … Continue reading

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Aimpoint Hunter on a Vepr

With a Humvee, the model doesn’t have to worry about caving in body work. Aimpoint Hunter | Vepr

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Teenage girls and their loud toys

The rifle is a 16″ Vepr in .308, set up with 20rd magazines, 1-5x scope and Magpul MOE stock on ITT hydraulic recoil buffer. Felt recoil is below that of .223, which makes it an excellent plaything for a teenage … Continue reading

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Trijicon SRS

More photos taken for G4P: a Trijicon SRS on a Bobro QD mount. The sight handles nicely — eventually, I’d like to get one for more hands-on evaluation.

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Going through the mail bag…red dot magnifier

One thing I love about travel is that I usually come back to a whole bunch of new toys in the mail. Put these together and you get a swing-out magnifier for red dot sights. Could be useful around the … Continue reading

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This gun once belonged to Mr.Rogers. Buck Rogers.

Keltec PMR30 with a flash hider and a Trijicon RMR sight.

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More photos of CMMG piston rifle

150rd drum, multi-reticle red dot, offset backup iron sights.

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Two mounting options for AK types

Forward rail, in this case from SGM Tactical. Works well for red dot sights. Side clamp-on mount with Picatinny rail on top. Better for scopes.

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CMMG piston rifle

This CMMG piston rifle is special to me because much of it was designed by my friend Bernie White — the same man who designed the original Desert Eagle pistol. When Bernie designs something, it usually works well because he … Continue reading

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I need more spare time

I’ve had this rifle for almost three months now. I have yet to shoot it myself… Anderson Mfg. sniper rifle (20″ barrel, .223Rem) with 3.5-15x Nightforce scope and YHM BUIS.

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Who left an ACOG at my place?

Going through the side pockets of a soft case, I found a bore snake, rubber ear plugs, playing cards and an ACOG. I can’t recall who left the two cases for me to use, but I am pretty sure that … Continue reading

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New varminting rig

Coyotes are becoming a problem for a friend. To assist, we’ve put together a new rig for night varminting. Keltec RMR30 (22WMR autoloader) with Gemtech sound suppressor (also to remove muzzle flash). Folding “iron” sights for daytime use, 4x night … Continue reading

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Small arms are fun at any age

Scoped Crickett rifle. The scope actually has mildot reticle, so a young shooter can adjust for drop of CB caps or subsonic .22LR if parents pick those to reduce the report. And the stocks are available in many colors other … Continue reading

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A very girly gun.

It’s not pink. It’s black and so go with every outfit. Collapsible stock, low-recoil 5.45 caliber, sensuous long-stroke gas piston operation. All it’s missing is the sling. Romanian AK74 clone with Primary Arms red dot on a Midwest Industries rail.

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Fun plinker

Tactical Solutions .22 upper, Primary Arms 1-4x scope, Black Dog Machine “everlasting” billet magazine.

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