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Keltec RFB at the range

Jim Gilliland test-fired this RFB with 168 grain Setpoint ballistic tips and 175 grain Georgia Arms match ammunition. With 4x scope, he got roughly 1.5MOA. Last year, Mike Meador shot it with Federal Gold Match using a much higher-magnification scope … Continue reading

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Mauser rifle and matching tshirt

Yugoslav 7.92mm Mauser with a couple of non-obvious customizations: Timney trigger and U-notch instead of v-notch rear sight. Neat tshirt from 1791 Apparel.

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I need more spare time

I’ve had this rifle for almost three months now. I have yet to shoot it myself… Anderson Mfg. sniper rifle (20″ barrel, .223Rem) with 3.5-15x Nightforce scope and YHM BUIS.

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Same wall, different cats

A few of the ways people used the same object for cover during the sniper instructor course run by Denny of SniperProShop. These represent about half the methods I’ve seen used.

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This week at the Roman encampment, the legionnaires trained for battle

Sideways backup sights came in later in the course. They allow accurate firing under vehicles. Others had BUIS either in line with red dots or at 45* angle for faster deployment. Chipmunk rifle scope actually comes with a rangefinding reticle. … Continue reading

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Your rifle doesn’t have to swim in gun oil to work

The rifle shown with the Armatac drum is mine. Thanks to the Timney trigger and free-floated barrel, it shoots very well. Instead of the unmagnified EOtech holographic sight shown in the video, I use a 3.5-15x Nightforce scope.

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Sniper traning

McCann MIRS rail | Sniper Pro Shop training Sniping requires good physical condition. Instructor Denny. Denny’s Remington 700 in .308. Leupold scope on MIRS mount. Firing off-hand on a moving target.

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More about EFI 338LM rifles

Since their site is inaccessible, you can reach EFI at 304-229-6479 or by email.

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