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Henry Golden Boy

Accurate and reliable, this rifle really grew on me…and the same thing happened to Sarah. she loves her little lever action.

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Upgrading Marlin 336 with better sights: new on AllOutdoor

Rails, ghost ring sights, optics, oh my!

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Low ready

150 year old technology (125 if you count just the 30-30 cartridge) still works pretty well.

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Thanks, Will!

While still sorting the many good photos that came out of the photo shoot at Will M-Four studio, I’d like to post a shout-out for Will and his site. Will’s kind invitation provided me with highly productive work day, new … Continue reading

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Girls just want to have fun.

Cimarron’s faithful (other than the caliber) copy of the original 1860 Henry rifle is an odd firearms. Loading it is rather unorthodox, the magazine follower is external and can interfere with the hold under the magazine. Lever movement makes holding … Continue reading

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No such thing for the antis as “safe enough gun”

The technology behind this carbine is 1860s. The design is 1870s. This one is in .44Mag, but they are also available in .45Colt — again, 1870s technology that can work even with black powder and cast lead bullets. As we … Continue reading

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Speaking of Henry lever actions

I need to get the 44Mag out to the range and figure out the drop past 100 yards. 240gr bullet has muzzle velocity of 1745fps. At this time, the Big Boy is zeroed for 50 yards. If zeroed for 100, … Continue reading

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Henry .44Mag lever action: fit for a sniper.

Remember my plan to find out how well that carbine shoots? It shoots this well at 50 yards with 1-4x Nikon Monarch scope. Ballistics calculator suggests that the far zero is around 70 yards, so it might make sense to … Continue reading

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Be weddy, weddy quieeeet…

…she’s hunting wabbits. I don’t think much edible rabbit would be left though — that’s 44Mag Henry would be better suited for heffalumps. In any case, this is the last time this rifle is seen with open sights — my … Continue reading

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Hey there, big boy!

Henry Big Boy in Erin’s hands.

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In this case, you’d use the rifle to hold out till you can draw the pistol.

With the rifle being a fun .22 Henry and the pistol being a serious .45ACP. I wonder if a 45ACP lever action is possible — it would fit almost twenty rounds and have minimal report and muzzle flash even un-suppressed.

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Thumbs up for Henry

It’s strange that such awesome rifles come from one of the crummiest states in the country. But I am quickly becoming a fan of these.

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Substance and style

I think the appeal of lever actions is similar to the appeal of Steampunk and Victorian/Edwardian styles — functional enough to be useful, and intricate enough to be interesting. This one is a Henry carbine with really nice wood and … Continue reading

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Luck is often on the side of large magazines

Henry Big Boy See Ballistics by the Inch for the actual velocity numbers. 240gr Hydro-shock at 1600fps+ seems quite respectable, especially since the recoil in this gun is very mild. I got this carbine after trying the 45Colt version and … Continue reading

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This pair of pretty blue eyes has longer range than any battleship turret. At least she can reach South Carolina from Ohio.

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Couldn’t be, Annie Oakley used a Winchester. This one is a Henry.

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Big Boy

Henry Big Boy: ten rounds of .44 Magnum. The original in .44 Henry had only about 35% of the power of .44 Magum, the traditional 44-40 that descended from it a little less than half. Felt recoil is still negligible … Continue reading

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Henry Golden Boy .22 carbine

Tom is left-handed, so a lever action works as well for him as a dedicated left-handed bolt action. His P22 is riding in a holster by Kevin Manley on a gun belt also made by Kevin.

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Henry Big Boy

In March, I had an opportunity to shoot several rounds through a Henry Big Boy in .45 Colt. I am not, ordinarily, a fan of lever actions, but that one clicked with me. Having more rifles than range time, I … Continue reading

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Classic ambidextrous design: Henry .22 lever action

SGB | Lever action .22

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