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One way to handle switchable barrels.

This 455Lux rifle is in 22WMR. It also accepts a 22LR barrel — with its own sights — and appropriate magazines. Plink with cheaper ammo, bust tree rats with faster 22 Magnum. Don’t have to re-zero.

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PMR30 with Burris Fast Dot

PMR30 is a very flat-shooting pistol. A red dot sight lets the user take advantage of the extended ballistic range with better accuracy.

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Varmints beware

With muzzle velocity near 1450fps with 40gr defensive ammunition and higher than that with 30gr varmint rounds, PMR30 shoots flat without much recoil. The lack of recoil is helpful considering the precarious perch a rise has on horseback. Last summer, … Continue reading

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Czechpoint 22WMR revolver

You might recall the photo I posted last year of a 6″ Czechpoint revolver in 22Magnum. This year, I finally got around to firing it. At the birthday party, we had clays set up from about 25 yards out to … Continue reading

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So proud of our students…we treat them as morons!

University of Colorado is in the news, but they are hardly exceptional in the typically dismissive and disrespectful treatment of students by colleges. Typical rules of student conduct presume a retarded minor child and not a young adult — or, … Continue reading

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Good outdoor kit

Spartan Blades | PMR30

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FN5-7 vs. PMR30

Add your two cents’ worth on CTD blog.

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One possible use for a PMR30

Fits just fine in an AR15 mag pouch.

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31 more reasons

PMR30 | GTM purse

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A likable featherweight

The carbine won’t be available until the end of this year. The 3x scope is out now.

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Dragon Leather holsters ride again

Dennis made an awesome custom holster for my friend Dot. Another friend’s 14-year-old daughter is wearing it in the photo. As you can see, a small framed teenager can be comfortable with both a PMR30 on the hip and an … Continue reading

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Today’s range experiement

Tried shooting RMR30 for a group despite wind moving both bullets and the gun itself. Gemtech G5 sound suppressor worked really well, but it was also a bit heavier than the tiny dedicated 22WMR can. Fifteen rounds of CCI Maxi … Continue reading

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Having a great time at Keltec

Keltec is one of the most pleasant companies I’ve ever visited. People seem friendly to each other, helpful to me and working with them is a joy. Went for another range trip today, mostly to shoot video of their guns … Continue reading

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This gun once belonged to Mr.Rogers. Buck Rogers.

Keltec PMR30 with a flash hider and a Trijicon RMR sight.

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On alert

RMR30 carbine with 3x Primary Arms illuminated scope

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RMR30 accuracy

Keltec RMR30 configured as shown (Gemtech 22wmr suppressor, Magpul BUIS, Primary Arms 3x scope) fired at 30 yards yielded this group of 8 shots. The carbine was rested on my camera bag. Each grid square is 1/2″, the group is … Continue reading

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New on CTD: “Amazing Striking Power!”

22WMR vs. 22LR

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RMR30 from a couple of angles

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RMR30 is very small

Keltec views RMR30 as a hunting and plinking carbine. It can be that, but I see it more as a home defense rifle for people who cannot hold up a heavy rifle or deal with much recoil. From a 16″ … Continue reading

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