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Front Sight 4-day basic pistol course

I took that course in March. It was well worth the time and the expense. Started out very basic, ended with techniques and time pressures that strained my skill level. The instructors were competent and good at teaching. I liked … Continue reading

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Planning to stay cool this summer

A full set of firearm laser trainers just arrived. Given that my weakest point at Front Sight pistol course was presentation, these should help considerably.

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Chiappa Rhino

Simpler in design than Mateba Unica semi-auto revolver, Rhino feels much better balanced. DA trigger is fairly smooth, single is odd (lots of take-up), fiber optic sights are easy to see. I didn’t have the opportunity to fire it but … Continue reading

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Scoped Chipmunk .22 rifle

The rifle is extremely light and fits even very young shooters. Pretty nice wood for a kids’ rifle. Crickett

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Leader 50 semi-auto bullpup

Went to the range with Charles St.George yesterday. His Leader 50 rifle is a ten-shot semi-auto bullpup that is light enough at 17 pounds to be fired off-hand if necessary. Recoil is very similar in character and force to M1 … Continue reading

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Doublestar Patrol carbine


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Thieves who steal.

Had to file two DMCA take-down notices on Brady Campaign today. They used two of my photos without permission and with libelous statements attached. Not very surprising… Update: Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We have removed … Continue reading

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Gun-related forums

If you are new to this blog, you might not know that I own two forums devoted to gun rights discussions: Gun Rights Media and Armed Polite Society. Please take a look. APS, in particular, is set up to provide … Continue reading

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Lightweight Game Getter

A friend brought his 22/45 over, so I took photos of it. Paclite | 22SGB The point of this conversion is to save weight for backpacking and to provide threads for a sound suppressor.

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KSG feature

To me, this looks like an effective gun. Short enough for maneuvering indoors, KSG can be aimed with one hand if necessary. Fifteen rounds of 12ga with option to select slug or buckshot with a flip of a switch should … Continue reading

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KSG bullpup

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Range time, rain or shine

Yet another downtrodden, exploited female in obvious distress.

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Every Day Carry kit

LC9 is an interesting gun. Mild recoil, good accuracy, comfortable shape. “7-round” magazine only fits 6, I wonder if it was assembled correctly. Manual safety seems unnecessary. Tuckable Galco holster is quite nice. I already remarked on the knife. Flashlight … Continue reading

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There’s more to life than mere survival. (New wallpaper)

Pistol: Chad Kandros | Knife: Tim Churchman | Pen: Brian Evichin | Ammo: Hornady

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Pretty redhead

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Waiting for Mussolini

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My photo on the cover of Tactical Weapons magazine

Additional images

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Why does New Delhi support gun control?

About gun rights in India

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Ladies’ hat fashion for 1857

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