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Another cool holster by Dennis

From Dragon Leatherworks

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Fiction is not keeping up with reality

When John Ross wrote his seminal Unintended Consequences, people accused him of being overly dramatic. After all, ATF agents wouldn’t frame people or commit murder, right? When Matt Bracken wrote Enemies Foreign and Domestic series, most readers thought the idea … Continue reading

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In the grass

An old snapshot

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Shalom, Santa!

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Anna behind a veil

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For added Christmas cheer, American STASI is here

Old news, but well put: TSA = STASI.

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In this case, you’d use the rifle to hold out till you can draw the pistol.

With the rifle being a fun .22 Henry and the pistol being a serious .45ACP. I wonder if a 45ACP lever action is possible — it would fit almost twenty rounds and have minimal report and muzzle flash even un-suppressed.

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Major Lawrence?

Pity nobody makes the Webley these days. To me, its ergonomics are just about perfect for a revolver.

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Thumbs up for Henry

It’s strange that such awesome rifles come from one of the crummiest states in the country. But I am quickly becoming a fan of these.

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New is well-forgotten old

New on CTD blog: bullpup revolvers with low bore axis…naaah, old hat!

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Anna with a Saiga

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Production RMR30 carbine arrived

Anna doesn’t like heavy rifles. To her, even an AK clone is too heavy, so this little carbine is much more to her liking. Loaded with 30 rounds of 22wmr, it weighs 2.3kg (4.2lbs). The production version differs from the … Continue reading

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A contemplative shooter

Today, several of my friends went for a shooting walk out to another friend’s farm. I love being able to continue chatting without plugs or muffs being required, shooting at clays and targets of opportunity all the while.

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Substance and style

I think the appeal of lever actions is similar to the appeal of Steampunk and Victorian/Edwardian styles — functional enough to be useful, and intricate enough to be interesting. This one is a Henry carbine with really nice wood and … Continue reading

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He’ll be back.

Makeup by Tirzah. Converted Saiga with Tech Sights — even a Terminator likes the long sight radius.

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Color-matched weapons

It seems to me that companies making pink guns for adults are missing the larger point. Sure, some women who buy guns are also into pink accessories. But many more are after color-matched weapons and that could mean black, tan, … Continue reading

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Zombies, young and old

It’s never too late to turn into a zombie…or too early. Certain public schools may have this condition as their end goal.

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Arbitrary government mandates are arbitrary.

Do you know how much water each toilet used per flush before 1994? Just enough to make them function reliably. Toilet, like other appliances, were designed by people who understand how such things work. Since 1994, US toilets were restricted … Continue reading

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Out of buckshot, pushing on!

“Кончится картечь, не пропадём…” Winchester 1897(12ga), Savage 1915(32ACP). Background photo from

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