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Pretty is as pretty does

When I first saw this holster, I wondered why anyone would make a pretty holster for a completely utilitarian Glock.Then I got to shoot a new Gen.4 G19 at the range and the accuracy was enough to remind me. Reliable, … Continue reading

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Ava and Flashbang

Kathy “Cornered Cat” Jackson introduced me to Looper holsters at SHOT show and I got several of them in the mail recently. In use photos will follow soon. Unisex Ava with Glock 23 Feminine bra-mounted Flashbang with Keltec PF9.

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Good Things Come Out of Knoxville

3″ .357Mag revolver from Czechpoint in a custom Dragon Leather holster. Both companies are located in Knoxville, TN.

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Non-frangible 5.7×28 Ammunition

Most 5.7×28 loads available in the US are loaded with varmint bullets designed for fragmentation. They work great on rabbit-sized rodents but lack penetration for defense against people. They can be effective under some circumstances, such as shooting fish in … Continue reading

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Models Who Carry Guns

One reason why my models seldom look stupid in gun photos is that they are trained. Some show up with their own sidearms, others get training and help with getting equipped in the course of working with me. The Galco … Continue reading

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Nice Leather for Good Iron

Sideguard holster for Coonan .357.

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You have probably seen my favorite green hat in quite a few photos. I got that hat in trade way back in 1999 when the guy buying my 9×18 Makarov was a few bucks short of cash and threw it … Continue reading

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Beautiful for Bersa

Flatjack holster for Bersa 380, again by Dennis of Dragon Leather Works.

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Meco holster and Boberg XR9-S

Boberg XR9-S “platinum” edition. It’s the most advanced pistol design out there, with a long barrel in a short slide, excellent trigger, great accuracy and minimal felt recoil. I am very much a fan. I mentioned Meco holsters before. 1 … Continue reading

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Steyr C9-A1

Way back in 2002 or so, I tried a Steyr M9. I liked the trigger, the thin comfortable grip and the lack of recoil, wasn’t sure about the sights and really did not care for the safety lever placement. Ten … Continue reading

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Bersa Thunder 9

Had a chance to shoot this 17-shot 9mm pistol recently. Interesting weapons, a pistol equivalent of police Crown Victoria Interceptor, heavy, solid and reliable. Quite accurate, with very minimal recoil. I used it to train a new shooter who found … Continue reading

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Custom Dragon Leather holster

I posted photos of a custom PMR30 holster earlier this year. Now Dennis came out of a Glock variant of it. This design works especially well for women, keeping the pistol grip out of the way of elbows and ribs.

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Keltec SU16 in use

As I’ve mentioned before, SU16 is one of my favorite light rifles. It’s a clean-running, lightweight piston gun with good accuracy. It’s very simple, has mild recoil and can be customized extensively. SU16 works well suppressed. It’s main down side … Continue reading

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Taurus TCP738 with Crimson Trace laser in a Dragon Leather holster

I am not a fan of driving long distances by myself. So the opportunity to ride to the NRA show with my friend Dennis Badurina was eagerly seized. He brought several of his holsters along and one of them caught … Continue reading

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Serpent skin holster for PMR30

Dennis is an artist in leather. This one is a true custom fitted just right for the specific owner.

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Angled mag carriers

One problem with magazines in upright mag carriers, especially for women, is getting jabbed in the ribs. Kathy Jackson, the editor of Concealed Carry magazine, showed me her mag carrier by Desbiens Gunleather. It works well.

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Universal light-compatible holster

One problem with carrying pistols with light/laser attachments is finding leather for them. Springtac offers a solution with their U-shaped IWB design. The leather conforms to the thickness of the pistol. Vertical position of the pistol is controlled by the … Continue reading

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Another cool holster by Dennis

From Dragon Leatherworks

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Substance and style

I think the appeal of lever actions is similar to the appeal of Steampunk and Victorian/Edwardian styles — functional enough to be useful, and intricate enough to be interesting. This one is a Henry carbine with really nice wood and … Continue reading

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Slightly more subtle leather

Meco pocket holster and double tuckable magazine pouch for XR9S.

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