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Intruders? Give them something to bleed about!

Anything that gets merely scared off will keep preying on innocent people. Buckshot adjusts attitudes more reliably.

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Socializing with native troops

She looks in dire need of humanitarian aid, ear and eye protection. A 30mm grenade launcher wouldn’t hurt, either.  

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Edged modesty device in infrared light

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Coming all the way from Russia

Maria Butina came all the way from Russia only to pose with a Russian-made Vepr .308 rifle (though modified so heavily in the US that very few of the original parts remain). TWS forend, dust cover, sight, SGM 25-round magazine, … Continue reading

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“Hey, I carry one just like it!”

A big advantage of working with competent models is that they can be asked to do a task instead of being directed, minute degree at a time, into a position which mimics doing the task. For example: “Please point the … Continue reading

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The deerslayer

Natasha demonstrates her hunting bow.

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XDM 45ACP longslide

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Forbidden fruit and other visual musings

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Poor Jar Jar, I knew him well

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Hot tea at the range

Her husband brought a little alcohol stove made from a pop can, I had tea fixings, so this young lady got partially defrosted before warming up her hands further on a submachine gun barrel. Sadly, the much promised global warming  wasn’t … Continue reading

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“Peaceful” should not mean “defenseless”

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Reluctant use of force

Nobody wants to get into a gun fight, even if victory is assured. De-escalation of conflict is taught and practiced almost religiously. The number of homicides outside of drug-related gang warfare is essentially statistical noise besides the massive number of … Continue reading

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Another flying life form

We waited for the future with flying cars. Ended up in the future with flying people.

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Smile with teeth.

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Pretty in pink

It seems like every other military rifle design borrows heavily from the AR18 and AR180 design, yet very few of them were built and fewer yet adopted by institutional users.

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Work, work, work…

…with neat people and cool guns. Last two day’s worth of sample images. Kangaroo Carry, Charter Arms, Keltec. And… Ashbury Precision Ordnance, Nightforce Optics, Blackhawk/Champion.  

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Old snapshots: splashing around

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Much orange

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Teach the next generation.

Gun safety, effective marksmanship, and the ethics governing the use of such skills.  

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